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BETA International’s  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy focuses on 3 pillars that align to our overall mission, vision and values and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to operate with integrity and build trust in the communities in which we operate. We strive to make a positive and sustainable impact on the economic and social development by supporting the following 3 pillars:

Education – We understand the vital role education plays in the upliftment of communities in Africa and support educational projects particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that improve the quality of education and widen access among rural and disadvantaged communities.

Health and Disability – HIV and Aids, Malaria, Water borne diseases and disabilities continue to wreak havoc in our communities and therefore are a pillar of focus for BETA International and its subsidiaries.

Environment- We are cognisant of the fact that we only have one earth and therefore pledge to support sustainable green initiatives that reduce the impact of industrialisation and

preserve the environment.

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