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  • United BETA Zambia (formerly Kalulushi Clay Bricks) is one of the oldest and largest manufacturer of clay products in Zambia. It was established as ZamClay and became a private company- Kalulushi Clay Bricks in 1973. Inside Capital first invested in KCB in 2015 and subsequently took full control, transforming the company into a well-structured operating business positioned for growth.
  • Kalulushi Clay Bricks Limited changed name to United Beta Zambia Limited on the 20th of August 2021 to symbolise the company’s incorporation into a bigger family of companies under BETA International. United BETA Zambia services the construction market in Zambia and exports into the DRC.
  • United BETA Zambia uses advanced tunnel kiln technology making it an all weather plant.
  • In 2021 the company started work towards production of a stock brick which will transform the business model to provide an offering suited for the larger mass market.

Kalulushi Properties is the Group’s property holding arm.

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